Council 3956 July 2023 Newsletter

Brother Knights and Friends,

Growing up, Independence Day was a special holiday in my family. Both my uncles were vets and marched proudly in the Fourth of July parade. The night before, our families would meet at Bishop Park in Wyandotte to be awed by the fireworks. My Grandfather came to America through Ellis Island to start a new life here. He told me, the first purchase he made was a suit, the second was an American flag which he proudly displayed at the top of his front porch. He instilled in us a pride for what these United States represent: The opportunity to use our God given talents to pursue our aspirations and be the best version of yourself.

As we grew older and started a family of our own, we would carry on the tradition he started. My kids remember fondly the fireworks and parade. Now my grandson will be going to his first parade. I hope that pride we share carries on for you and your families. Deacon Chuck brings it home with his articulate writing, tying together the flag and the cross. This newsletter concludes with a powerful prayer for religious freedom. Read each to your kids and grandkids.

Our third annual Tony Cerezo Memorial Golf Tournament and Luncheon is coming up on August 5th. Get your foursome together and sign up. Members of his council will be given a generous discount. Please sign up online. Hole sponsors are also requested. Details are within this newsletter.

Our general business meeting is this Wednesday, July 5th in the Social Hall. Food and socializing begin at 6:00 and our meeting at 7:00. I look forward to seeing you here!

Anthony (Tony) Chirco
Newsletter Editor and PR Director

K of C Newsletter July 2023