Council 3956 May Newsletter

To my fellow Brother Knights, friends and family,

God has a plan.
Life can face us with challenges we could not have expected and can be at times overwhelming. As PGK Bill Robert so eloquently expresses in his article this month. Deacon Chuck addresses “Winds of Change” is his message this month and DGK Dave Kudla in his letter to the editor expresses his thoughts of Fr. Suresh’s unexpected upcoming departure from our St. Pius x parish. Each article was written independent of the other, but the message is common…change is a part of life.

There is well a change to our monthly council meeting day and location. We are meeting this Tuesday, April 30th. Still beginning with social hour at 6:00 and business meeting at 7:00. Note that if the Social Hall is in use, we will meet in the school Activity Center.

I conclude my forward to this newsletter with a sentiment from our own SDRR Ray Bilyk, well deserved recipient of Family of the Month: I paraphrase…The challenges we face and the crosses that we bear are little compared to the sacrifice of his own life that Jesus Christ gave up for us and our salvation.

Happy Mothers Day to our moms. Remember them in thoughts and prayers. They were the first to love us.

Have a blessed month.


Anthony (Tony) Chirco,
Newsletter Editor and proud Brother Knight

K of C Newsletter May 2024

Council 3956 April Newsletter

Brother Knights and Friends,

It was so nice to see a packed house on Easter Sunday. I mentioned to Fr. Suresh that we should remind people to treat each Sunday as if Easter were to get more people to celebrate the mass. After all, like Easter, each Sunday is a day of renewal, beginning a new week.

Speaking of new beginnings, our meeting this Wednesday, April 3rd in the Social Hall, we will nominate officers for the new K of C council officers. Grand Knight Mark Garcellano in his address to the council provides detail for each position of officers and directors. Please take the time to read what each position entails and give some thought about possibly seeking a position.

Deacon Chuck article this month is entitled “New Beginnings” Great minds think alike. As Take to heart his message that “Catholic gentlemen and Knights we are called to have that Spirit of rebirth”.  Regarding the deacon, April 1 is his birthday! Come to our meeting on Wednesday and wish him personally a Happy Birthday. Like so many of our officers, he is a golly good fellow. 

As you read through the newsletter, check out the calendar of events, which summarizes a busy month full of enrichment opportunities: Our Knights of Columbus council host not one, but two Christian based concerts in April, local favorite Mike Carey and popular artist Jon Troast bring their talents to St. Pius Parish. Next Sunday is a fraternal outing to cheer on the Detroit Red Wings as they set their sights on the NHL playoffs. More camaraderie as we host Donut Sunday, support the St. Pius School Auction, offer free financial and retirement related webinars, and participate in Third and Fourth Degree exemplifications. 

My best wishes as always to each of our Brother Knights and your families. Spring is here and there is no better time than the present to find your purpose. As my daughter tells her class, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” 

Anthony (Tony) Chirco
Proud Brother Knight and Newsletter Editor

K of C Newsletter April 2024

Council 3956 March 2024 Newsletter

Brother Knights and Friends.

My prayers and best wishes go out to each of you and your family as we reach the half-way point in Lent. Please pay special attention to our prayer list towards the back of the newsletter. You will notice that some close family members of our board members are listed. If you have members of your own family in need of your prayers, please share that information with us and we will include them. I can attest to the power of prayer firsthand.

This month we welcome Program Director Ryan Daw to the newsletter. He is an example of being the best version of ourselves. Thank you to his wife Julie for sharing him with us. More thanks to our regular contributors SDRR Ray Bilyk, GK Mark Garcellano, DGK Dave Kudla, Deacon Chuck and Brian Batko. Dave has always been generous with sharing his thoughts. This month we shared his best. Thank you to Dick Gregoire for his thoughtful writing.

Please sign up for our upcoming Corn Beef and Cabbage Dinner of March 9th and the very popular Brunch with the Easter Bunny which supports our St. Pius X school. Much help will be needed.

Our newsletter concludes with a must-read reflection from co-newsletter editor Robert Park and a prayer to St. Patrick. Have a blessed month and hope to see you and your family at our upcoming events.

Anthony (Tony) Chirco
Proud Brother Knight and Newsletter Editor

K of C Newsletter March 2024

Council 3956 February 2024 Newsletter

Fellow Brother Knights and friends of the council,
February is like the hump day of winter. Winter which got a late start this year should be on the down side now. Before you know it, Spring planning will begin. Well, we are getting a head start. Begin by treating yourself to Shrines and Steins this Saturday, February 3rd.
Also in February is Donut Sunday, after Sunday masses on February 11th and the Annual Desert Meal for Seminarians on Sunday, February 18th at Crystal Gardens in Southgate. Then as the weather begins to warm up, we prepare for the return of our Corn Beef and Cabbage meal after Saturday mass on March 9 and making plans for Brunch with the Eater Bunny and Egg Hunt on March 17th after 11:00 Mass.
Deacon Chuck not only writes his thought provoking article, but submits a letter “to the editor” that is a must read. Co-Editor Robert Park’s reflection  is again worthy of your time. As the newsletter concludes, we announce our Knight of the month and add in a word search for the Lord’s Prayer.  Finally, learn more about St. Valentine and his feast day, February 14th. 
Tony Chirco 
Editor and Brother Knight

Donut Sunday Cancelled 2024-01-14


We are sorry for any inconvenience!

Council 3956 January 2024 Newsletter

Brother Knights and Friends, 

Let me be among the first to wish you all a very blessed, healthy and Happy New Year!

The theme of this newsletter is not to dwell on the resolutions not achieved in the past year, but to learn from them a resolute new year. You will notice that some of our upcoming events are repeated in various articles and calendars, this is by design to help you remember them. In particular our first meeting of the year this Wednesday, January 3rd in the Social Hall. This is where it all begins.

Grand Knight Mark Garcellano, as he prepares the agenda for the new year is asking for help in ways that may be more accommodating to your schedule. We each have preferred ways we would like to participate in events, whether it be planning in advance, coming only to the days of the events, or providing details for submission after the event that we can all learn from.

I encourage each of my brother knights and friends to read the newsletter in its entirety to understand for yourself which of these activities may be best suited for you. I assure you many are.

Thank you to GK Mark Garcellano for providing us with a road map of the quarter ahead, and to DGK Dave Kudla for his unique perspective of past events. To SDDR and Financial Secretary Ray Bilyk for his relentless dedication to building our council, and to Deacon Chuck for his contributions in writing and actions for our church and council. Thank you to PGK Bill Robert for his down to earth perspective of our purpose as catholic men, to Brian Batko for his enduring good spirit and dedication to fraternity, and to Dick Gregoire for his lively conversational writing approach to life. Thank you to those of you that have promised your own contributions in the coming year.

Wishing you all God’s grace and personal fulfillment in this new year.
Anthony (Tony) Chirco
Newsletter Editor

Council 3956 December 2023 Newsletter

As we enter the holiday season our council invites each member and their family and friends to celebrate with us. We start with a Christmas Concert on Saturday, December 2nd, featuring John Tibbs, a top-notch entertainer in Christian music. With special guest the Bell Ringer of Christ The King parish John and his guests will bring to St. Pius Church an evening of fun and faith. Please see the flyer on page 4 of the newsletter to learn more.

On Sunday, December 10th, you are invited to our annual Christmas Party at Hungarian Rhapsody Restaurant on Northline in Southgate. Dinner for two is only $25.00 or $12.50 per person. This event has always been a blast. For sure, you will have a great time. Food will be great, and the company outstanding! Page 5 flyer has the details.

St. Nick returns while he warms up for Christmas as our guest of honor for Brunch with Santa on December 17th in the St. Pius School Activity Center after 11:00 Mass. Proceeds go toward out St. Pius Tuition Scholarship. Last year’s event was so well received that registration and wristband are necessary for this year. Volunteers are greatly needed. See the link to sign-up on page 6.

Besides the flyers, each of our contributors has written from their perspective what this season, this council and this community has given to them. As we approach this last month of the year, my hope is that in reading the thoughts of these fine men, you will learn why this council is a gift to you. I assure you, it will make you a better person, more than you thought you could be. I Guarantee It!

Blessing to you all your loved ones this holy Advent and Christmas season.

Anthony (Tony) Chirco
Newsletter Editor

K of C Newsletter December 2023

Council 3956 November 2023 Newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving!

GOD Invented Thanksgiving. Would you agree? After all, all that is good in this world is from God. So, Thank him first. Recall all that is good in your life and find a way to thank the Lord by helping others, here through the Knights of Columbus.

When I joined this council of the Knights of Columbus, it was Dave Sadjak that recruited me. As you will read, Dave has relocated to Florida where he is still active in the St. Anthony Council. Dave was among several officers that welcomed me. People like Tony Cerezo who we lost several years ago, Bob LaForest who I knew when my kids were attending St. Pius school, Ray Bilyk who still inspires me and Dave who I try to stay in touch with. These are the best examples of what a good man is.

I joined with a group of men that continue to give so much of their time and energy. Mark Garcellano is our Grand Knight; Bill Robert is our Past Grand Knight and Bob Schooner was our Past Deputy Grand Knight. Each of them still usher with me at 11:00 mass on Sundays. Now we are blessed by a new group of fine men who have taken on the challenge that is the Knights of Columbus. I won’t name them so as not to forget one or another. Our council has flourished with men who were here before me, joined with me others who become a member more recently. I know there are others among us, perhaps yourself who is ready to be the best version of yourself by becoming more active and volunteering for any of our necessary charitable works.

This month’s articles are among the best I have ever had the privilege to work with. Father Suresh was kind enough to share one of his recent homilies about how we should not expect life to be fair but to know that God is. I hope to see you at mass and are our next event. Read on to find out more.  

Have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving.


Anthony (Tony) Chirco, Newsletter Editor

K of C Newsletter November 2023