Council 3956 March 2024 Newsletter

Brother Knights and Friends.

My prayers and best wishes go out to each of you and your family as we reach the half-way point in Lent. Please pay special attention to our prayer list towards the back of the newsletter. You will notice that some close family members of our board members are listed. If you have members of your own family in need of your prayers, please share that information with us and we will include them. I can attest to the power of prayer firsthand.

This month we welcome Program Director Ryan Daw to the newsletter. He is an example of being the best version of ourselves. Thank you to his wife Julie for sharing him with us. More thanks to our regular contributors SDRR Ray Bilyk, GK Mark Garcellano, DGK Dave Kudla, Deacon Chuck and Brian Batko. Dave has always been generous with sharing his thoughts. This month we shared his best. Thank you to Dick Gregoire for his thoughtful writing.

Please sign up for our upcoming Corn Beef and Cabbage Dinner of March 9th and the very popular Brunch with the Easter Bunny which supports our St. Pius X school. Much help will be needed.

Our newsletter concludes with a must-read reflection from co-newsletter editor Robert Park and a prayer to St. Patrick. Have a blessed month and hope to see you and your family at our upcoming events.

Anthony (Tony) Chirco
Proud Brother Knight and Newsletter Editor

K of C Newsletter March 2024