Council 3956 September 2023 Newsletter

My dear Brother Knights and our friends,

I would like to share a blessing with you. On September 5th my granddaughter was born. They named her Giuliana April, or GIGI as my grandson chooses to call her. I share this with you because of the overwhelming joy that it brings to my heart.

We each have had similar moments in life.
For some of us, it is a wedding, a child born, a special event with family and friends, and for others it is receiving what many of us take for granted: Like a meal, a coat, an embrace from a loved one, or maybe a stranger that shows somebody cares about them. We want more of these moments, and we want others less fortunate to have them as well. As Knights of Columbus, we have a responsibility to offer more of these moments.

In the months ahead you have an opportunity to do just that with us. Think about that as you read our newsletter. Read the flyers as they too in some way give us a chance to use our God given gifts to help those that need us. Coats for Kids is a great example. Raising money for our blessed St. Pius X school at the St. Pius Festival, and fund raising for M-Drive are notable upcoming projects. Also recruiting new members bring more talented men to help us carry the load.

Special thanks to my brother knights who worked hard to put this newsletter together. A shout out to our worthy DD, Ray Bilyk who inspires me and brings to our attention many reasons to be a knight. To GK Mark Garcellano who is an outstanding persona of relentless energy for good purpose. To David Kudla who allows us to articulate his messages. To PGK Bill Robert who steps in when I need him the most. To Robert Park for being my right-hand man. To each of you that help in ways that are absolutely necessary to meet the needs of our community. May you all have special moments and plenty of them.

Anthony (Tony) Chirco
Newsletter Editor and PR Director

K of C Newsletter September 2023