Council 3956 May 2023 Newsletter

Brother Knights and Friends,

Our newsletter begins with an invitation to our next business membership meeting on May 3, 2023. We will be accepting more nominations of officers and then elections. These will be the men who will have an opportunity to set the direction of our council for the next twelve months. We each have our ideas of what service to the community is of the most importance. This is an opportunity to set that direction by seeking an officer’s position or becoming a director or project chairman.

For those that just want to help, there will be plenty of opportunities. For those that want a fun time, there will be plenty of opportunities. Upcoming will be our Charity Family Breakfast, The Motorcycle Blessing, Celebration of Mother’s Day, a Red Wing game, a Tiger game, a Euchre game for the adults, planning a parade, a memorial golf tournament, our church festival and more.

As always, I encourage you to read the articles from many of our officers. Each has a message to deliver that is near and dear to their heart. Give them the courtesy of reading what they have to say. See that there are opportunities to volunteer online for many of our upcoming projects. Read on to learn more.

Anthony (Tony) Chirco
Newsletter Editor, PR Director and Trustee

K of C Newsletter May 2023