Council 3956 April 2023 Newsletter

Brother Knights and Friends,


Our newsletter arrives in the mist of so much going on. Our council is growing as this past month, we announced five new brother knights will be joining us. Welcome each of you. Your decision to help us build a better community is much appreciated.

Thank you as well to our “seasoned” brother knights who tirelessly work for the greater good. Our school, our associated charities, the less privileged all are much better for the work that you offer for them.

We strongly encourage those who have been reluctant to offer their help, to come to our meeting on May 5th and see for yourself, not only what you have been missing in your life, but see for yourself what others, less fortunate are missing because you hesitate to use God’s gift for the purpose he intended for you.

For the small council that we are, we do so much. Imagine how much more could be offered if more of us come forward. Many of our active brother knights came back. We are so fortunate that they did.

There were a lot of men at our last meeting. My co-editor Robert Park’s reflection observes. “We have not peaked. The men before us laid a foundation for a strong organization. Be hopeful about the future of the Church and the work we have ahead of us.”


Anthony (Tony) Chirco
P.R. Director, Editor and Trustee
K of C Council #3956

K of C Newsletter April 2023